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Papercut by Henning Wagenbreth.
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Papercut by Henning Wagenbreth.
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Visual Identity
Hey Studio from Barcelona, Spain created a minimalist identity with simple graphics and illustrations in the focus for the Ministry of Enterprise and Labour, government of Catalonia. The graphics visualize the tasks of statistic analysis and the flow of information.
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Oversharers need not apply
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Sans/Serif Wine

Sans/Serif is a self-promotional piece that I produced with Plumbline Studio. The idea behind this gift-item was to promote the importance of typography to it’s recipients (often clients). My intent was to create mini lesson on typography in a beautiful and modern layout.


hi this is my sketchbook. Part two of my moleskine.

Part one - Part three

Drawings were done over 5 days


A Sailors Life For Me by Monster Riot
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Instructional Dream Manuals by Vaka Valo

The Dream Diary series by Vaka Valo has an old skool instruction manual vibe, if it were cut out and re-arranged by a serial killer. Those innocent people were once building decks and assembling gutters could not escape horrific fates, no matter how pristine and full of hope their idyllic DIY lives seemed.

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Falling Horses  by Larassa Kabel

Opaque  by  andbamnan